Sunday, March 29, 2009

spring break wrap up

I am sooooo sad that my spring break is over but I guess I shouldn't complain after two weeks off. (yes, I know that my job spoils me!) Here is a brief recap: My whole family plus my best friend came out the first weekend for Addie's babtism. We decided to have her babtized over in Tempe and my friend's dad's church. I grew up Episcopalian and the church's beliefs are still the closest to my own. It was a very cool church and I actually enjoyed it much more than I believed I would. The priest was very liberal and the whole feel of the church was great. My family and my best friend were here for the extended weekend. We went to a spring training game on Monday and then they departed Tuesday morning.

We followed a couple of hours later as we headed up to Tacoma to visit with Vic's family. Neither his mom nor dad had met Addie yet so it was deff. their turn. They both adored her! I feel awful but somehow we didn't get any pics of them with her, just some with her cousins! It was a great trip but I was super glad I had another week off to relax when I got home. I had a girls shopping adventure as my 2 neighbors and I all headed for Scottsdale with our girls. We got a cute pic of them all in the car together. The three amigas. very cute. I headed over to Tempe on Saturday to meet up with a good friend who lives on the other side of the planet (Gilbert). Her kids and Addie had fun together as we walked around.

I'm back to work tomorrow- 10 more weeks then summer break. I'll miss Addie but it will be good to get back to my job and my friends. Hopefully I will get to kep my job, I will know in about a month if I survive the budget cuts! keep your fingers crossed!!!

Addie with Dante at Tempe Art Festival

Addie with Gabriella @ Tempe Art Fest

The Three Amigas
Addie with PopPop at Mariners game

Addie with her cousin Isaiah in WA

Addie with her Godparents

Us at the church with the Priest


Vanessa said...

I'm in need of a Siler update...via blog and in person ;-)